Why people love the trendy movies in hirek?

Nowadays the IMAX is familiar with the audience. If you want to know more about that, then you have to check the hirek.tv. There are no big screens at all, but it is getting lots of attention from the audience for the average sized film screens. It is the best place where you can experience the IMAX.

How does the hirek represent noise free picture?

There is no optical strip in the screen that is why there is no noticeable noise in the image. It also helps the image to synchronize individually. There is no optical strip that is why the image appears to be horizontal which is totally different from the conventional vertical images. It is very helpful for the film. There will be no crop in the image because it can show you full 35mm full frame.


Why should you buy tickets for the IMAX screens?

The conventional big screen shows you letterbox of the 35mm full frame. In the case of hirek.tvand IMAX, the whole room is used. Nowadays there are many theaters where you can experience the IMAX screen. It offers you better viewing experience even in the small display without any distortion in the picture quality.

The best part is that there will be no promotional content in the IMAX that is why the entire experience will be near to IMAX experience. You may check this website http://hirek.tv to know more about a genuine IMAX display. The average gauge of an IMAX display is around 76. There are some small screens that can have a gauge of 58’ wide as well as 28’ height.

Projecting something on the screen is a pleasure for the viewers. Hirek is better than the conventional Hollywood theater. The audio from the same is very loud and clear which is uncompressed. It is quite bigger crisper and louder than previous.


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