Plastic Surgery – Need of an Hour

Times have Changed

In earlier times, Plastic Surgery was the matter of looks and appearance only. However with the changing time and the conscious mind, every individual has the desire to be more beautiful and appealing than ever before. The whole idea is not about the appearance alone, but the confidence and presentation also. If you are more comfortable with your looks and confidence level, then you will be able to outperform everywhere. Be it your job, business, social life or personal life.


Dr. Dana Coberly, MD is one of the most popular and growing names in the world of Plastic Surgery. She has a long term experience with the different academies and skin care centers. She has won different awards such as, chief resident research award and from plastic surgery educational Foundation scientific essay contest investigator award- she won IIIrd prize as a CO author in 2001.

Plastic Surgery

Dr Dana Coberly deals with some popular procedures like

  1. Body contouring, which includes liposuction – body lift – coolsculpting – arm lift and tummy tuck.
  2. Breast surgery which includes, breast augmentation – breast lift – breast reconstruction and breast reduction.
  3. Face procedures like face-lift – nose reshaping – eyelid surgery – brow lift and ear reshaping.

Dr. Dana Coberly: Plastic Surgery Tampa FL and Med Spa¬†doesn’t jump to plastic surgery straight forward but councils every patient who comes for the treatment which is best for him or her. She takes care of the requirement of her patient and how the patient wants to take the treatment. Also o looking for the cost which is involved in the treatment, guided by her. She is an ex president of the Tampa Bay Society of plastic and reconstructive surgeons. She has been dealing with so many treatments for a very long time. So don’t wait to approach her, this will be hassle-free and desirable.

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