How to grow your startup with the help of apps

Starting a business is a huge responsibility. And if you are the entrepreneur surely you have millions of things that need your attention. This is where technology is finding a convenient place. It helps you connect with your customers and enhance productivity. Here we have given you some excellent apps which would help grow your business.

Slack – slack is an amazing app which could help you increase your productivity and lets you communicate with all your colleagues in a jiffy. You will be able to share pictures, files or links with several people at the same time and through various channels. This app can be got as a web app or in the google play store and the ios.

great business advice

Linkedin – one great business advice is linkedin. It is an excellent social media site which can be used to be in touch with anyone and everyone would get to know about your new startup. This way you get to market your business and create a name. You get brand recognition by creating a linkedin page for the business.

Calendly – another great app which could help grow your business is calendly – an app which can help you with your scheduling. You can keep a track of your meetings and make it a cool way to be in touch with clients, friends, partners on time. This app syncs in with google calendar and makes it more convenient for you.

Expensify – it is a great app which is used to enter the expense reports. You can keep a track of your reports, purchase data. This would help you with the financial reports, reimbursement of employees etc. You can get it via a web browser, ios or through google play store.

The above apps are excellent tools which would lead to productivity as well as communication. They can contribute to the thriving of your startup.

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