Can you poach employees from your competition?

There are a number of executives especially highly skilled ones or top level executives who seem to be jumping on the bandwagon of working with rival companies and jumping ship. You can see this trend especially in Silicon Valley most specifically in the IT industry.

The reason why we see this happening is due to the fact that the talent is very fierce especially in industries where there is a limited talent pool and so the companies try all kinds of tactics and go above and beyond what normal recruiting methods allow.

Is it legal to poach employees of the competition.Well, you can see this in two different ways. First of all it can be considered legal but then it will cost you a lot of money. Also, there are companies that have signed anti poaching agreements and therefore their employees cannot work for their competition or the competition rather cannot cold call or recruit each other’s employees.

Employee poaching is legal only when the poaching is done the correct way. If intentionally a company causes the employment contract of another company to be breached then it is not correct.

Poaching helps the competition to get the best talent. It helps the employees in getting a fatter paycheck and it also helps them to learn new skills and expand as well as increase their job roles and responsibilities. Therefore, in a way job hopping by the employees helps them not only monetarily but also to improve their skills and to gain new skills as well as new areas of expertise.

Poaching of employees is mitigated by big giants of the IT industry but that does not stop them from poaching employees of smaller companies who cannot compete with them when it comes to salary or even the various allowances or perks.


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